Bi-Led Projector

$ 48.00

The Bi-Led provides plenty of bright light on the street. Here plenty of bright light does not mean uncontrolled light but well-controlled, non-glaring light that is best for road safety.

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The Bi-Led Projector lens comes with low, and high beam options supported by a huge aluminum heat sink, and a top Cooling Solution that allows the Led to work for a 50,000 Hrs lifespan.

• LED chips: Import Led chips
• Input Voltage: DC9-16V
• Working temperature: -30℃~85℃
• Rated power: 43W(low beam) 53W(high beam)
• Color Temp:5000K-6000k
• Main Body: Aluminum
• Life-Span: >50000hrs
• Cooling Style: Fan Heatsink Build-in
• Warranty: 3 years


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