Black Head And Pimple Remover

$ 4.80

The Vaccum Pore cleaner can be used to make your skin glow. Using this cleaner, you can suck blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin, and acne without damaging your skin providing an everlasting glow. The pore cleaner comes with 4 suction heads for different skin types and areas and a USB charging port.

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The Black Head And Pimple Remover comes with 4 changeable beauty heads, that support different functions and provide a deeper clean to your skin.

The MICROCRYSTALLINE HEAD TIP is used to exfoliate dead skin.
OVAL HOLE TIP is used to suck blackheads and firm skin.
SMALL HOLE TIP is used for delicate and weak skin to suck out grease, dirt, and leftover makeup.
And the LARGE HOLE TIP is used for people who want more potent suction to remove blackheads.

Direction to use:
Steam the face for 5 minutes with a steamer and let the pores open which will make blackheads lose. Once the blackheads are loosened with the steam, then suck it using the Blackhead Remover. Now shrink the pores by illuminating your face with Blu-ray. Lastly, use a cool sprayer and get perfect flawless skin.


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