Frequently Asked Question

What Does Keanu Sourcing Do?
Keanu Sourcing is a sourcing company that helps companies find the best suppliers for their needs
What Are The Services That Keanu Sourcing Company Provides?
Currently we only provide sourcing a variety of products and logistics services to specific countries. We are trying to expand our resources as farther as we can.
What Are Your Sourcing Rates?
Our sourcing rates varies on the transport method you choose to use. Since it keeps on changing frequently, we decided not to enclose it on our website. You can contact us to know the latest prices available.
What Is Your Sourcing Process Like?
First, you need to decide what products you are trying to source. We will search the market and find you the cheapest prices on that product. If you would like to go with our price, we will receive initial payment from you and take the remaining amount on product arrival.
I Already Have The Product In China, Can You Help Me Ship It?
Ofcourse, since we are also a logistics company, we provide the cheapest logistics prices by air, land and ocean.
Can You Help With Customs Clearance?
We do all the paperwork for you from clearance in China to clearance in your home country. If you want, we can directly deliver the product on your doorstep.