Wax Heater Pot

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“Product capacity: 200ml
Product power: 40W
Product voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
Temperature range: 30-125°C(86-257°F)
Single weight: 360g
Single machine size: 10×10×15.2cm
Color box size: 10.8x 10.8×15.5cm”

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“The wax heater pot can be used to safely remove your body hair using wooden chips and melted wax. The 200ml capacity cup can fit any type of wax including wax beads, hard wax, and soft wax.
Direction for use:
Turn on the heater and let the wax beans/hard wax/soft wax melt. Check if the temperature is appropriate for you, and coat a small layer of wax in any area(preferable on hands). Spread the layer with a spatula. Once the wax temperature decreases, pick up the end of the wax with wax sticks and pull off the wax. Once you finish using the pot, turn off the pot and clean it with a paper towel immersed in color-free oil that will dissolve any remaining wax. ”


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